Pay-Mate (Newly Lanched App)

By Tyler Middleton August 6 2018.

Pay-Mate takes away the hassle of trying to figure out how many hours you worked and/or miles you drove daily, monthly, and your total over all. With Pay-Mate you have the option to keep track of miles or not...

Bible Baptist Church New Website

By Tyler Middleton July 20 2018.

New website built form scratch for a church in Eau Claire, WI. This website was custom built for this church and also created a logo for them.

I approched the pastor after church one Sunday morning and proposed the idea of created a website for him. He was so happy and accepted my offer. They had been wanting a website for some time now. I started work on it and 6 days later I had completed five web pages with over 2,000 lines of code.

Want your website built? Check out the link below for more details!!

NEW!!! TyTech Services

BY Tyler Middleton JULY 16 2018.

A whole new experience now offering web design!!.

Crazy Smilez Update

By Tyler Middleton March 22 2018.

New app update with seven new stickers!!!


By Tyler Middleton June 29 2017.

Looking for an easier way to keep track of scores? Scorio is the perfect app to handle score keeping. Chuck your paper and pencil, and let Scorio handle the math for you.

Updated Website

By Tyler Middleton December 20 2016.

I was able to successfully update a website that I have been working on for months now. Brodhead Baptist Church I started from scratch with a fresh new look and more features. I put to use the knowledge and skills that I have obtain from the past two years at college. It was very fun and exciting to see the final results. The best part was to actually see the website go live!

Folder Bug

By Tyler Middleton October 20 2016.

I hope Apple fixes this bug where it doesn't display the icons in the folders! It's driving me nuts. I have to click on the folder and back out for them to appear. Does anyone else have thus issue?



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