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I was able to successfully update a website that I have been working on for months now. Brodhead Baptist Church. I started from scratch with a fresh new look and more features. I put to use the knowledge and skills that I have obtain from the past two years at college. It was very fun and exciting to see the final results. The best part was to actually see the website go live!

Challenges That I Faced!!

Some of the challenges that I faced during the construction of this webpage was the slides. I got it to work on the desktop, but when I went to view the webpage on my iPhone the image wasn’t sized properly and was overlapping on the display. After much frustration, I was able to narrow the bug down to a single line of code out of 3,000. I was very happy to fix the problem and get it working properly.

Never give up on your problem!

Another problem I faced was coming up with a logo. I’m not a graphic designer and I’m also not good at drawing, so this was something that I thought I couldn’t do; however, I managed to created a temporary one. It may not be the best, but that can always change in the future.

What I Enjoyed Most

I love messing around with CSS to make my webpage look better than what it is. There are so many cool things that you can accomplish with CSS that you just can’t do in HTML or even Java-Script. I can sit for hours just messing around with CSS.

Code Tool I Use

The main tool I used was a editor named Atom. I love the layout of Atom and it’s pretty easy to use. It has a clean look that I really love.

Programming Languages I Used

The main language I used was obviously HTML. Other languages I used are as follows: CSS, PHP, and Java-Script. I also used bootstrap to style my page and I had a jQuery.


I have learned a lot during the making of this webpage. A lot of what I learned in class I would go and implement it in my project. I was challenged by a lot of my professors to create my own website, app, or blog during my free time. I have done all of those things and I can tell you from experience that It really helps keep my mind sharp on what I have learned, and it also helps me become a better programer. The more we push ourselves as developers to learn and use what we have learned, the better we will become.

Learning to code is like riding a bike. It comes easy to some but a lot difficult to others. You can’t just give up after the first try. The more you practice, the better you will become.


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