First and formost I would like to thank WPS Health Solutions for having me as there summer 2018 intern for the Enterpirse Application and Service Deliver development. It was such an exciting time in my career and was overjoyed when they invited me to be apart of their teem for the summer. This was the first intership I have ever done, and the experience was truly unforgettable. I started back in June of 2018 and ended the last week of September 2018. I have enjoyed every project I have been involved in. Even when I was stumped and stuck on a problem I still enjoyed coming into work every day, because I was doing something I enjoyed!

I was invited to go along to some meeting where I got some insite how a professional team meets to discuss upcoming projects and changes. These meetings were conducted in an orderly and professional manner. I would not have gotten this type of experience at my college.

What I Did There

I was very excitied when I was told that I was be working on actual projects with the team that were going into production. I wouldn't be doing some random project that wouldn't mean anything. A lot of my projects were deployed and are visible on the website now. I have never been excited in my whole life to see my work on a professional company's website. I also spent a lot of time with other interns there and it was a great time to get to know eachother. Made the internship experience so much better.

Challenges Faced

The challenges I faced at WPS was when I was pinned my first project-- I realized that they used a content based managed system which I had never used before; however, I am a fast leaner and in a few weeks I was able to start my projects with little to no help

Another challenge I faced was the lingo they used. I would attend meetings and half the time I wouldn't know what they were talking about. Throughout my internship I learned what many of the terms they were using meant.


As I mentioned previously I had the joy of spending time with other interns there at WPS. We did many activites together that included lunch and leans, some games such as speed dating and volleyball. We also went out to eat a couple times as well. We sat in a four hour session where they went through a DISC training which was really cool and considered the most fun activity, becaiuse we got to learn about ourselves and how we interact with people in and outside of the work force.

Would I Recommend WPS Internship

If you're looking to get in the door and get your career started than I would definitly recomend interning at WPS; however, if you are looking for the full intership experience I would not recomment interning at WPS. From my experience personally I didn't do a whole lot other than work on projects. Interacting with other people happened very little. Outside of the activities we did with all the interns there was very little I did besides work on projects.

What I Did Not Like About the Internship

So half of the time I was there I had no idea what I was suppose to do. I would be given a project, but the instructions where not thorough in explaining the problem or what I was suppose to do. I tried my best to understand what it was saying. Whoever was making the tickets forgot that people can't read their mind.

Another thing I did not like is that I did not have the proper training and a lot of time was wasting because I was learning on my own how different tools worked. The first 3 days my mentor went over things and that was it. I was suppose to magically know how the whole system worked by then. I felt like if I went to him for a quesiton I was annoying him, so I went to him very little after that. There was a guy their though who was super nice and helped me out whenever I needed it. I would only go to him if I was absolutely stuck. I just wish the mentor would've taken me "under his wing" a little more and helped me along the way--Checking up on me. We had daily meeting at first but they ended up being nothing, and then my mentor just cut them off. Not sure if it cause he was really busy, or just didn't want to deal with me.


All-in-all the intership was good and I really enjoyed being there doing what I love--coding! It was by far my best summer and my best job I have ever had. I'm extremly grateful I was given the opportunity to intern here. I'm really sad that it has come to an end, but I cant wait what the future has for me. Who knows I might end up back here later on in life!